Sober!…..Click here to donate!


Sober for October….well what can I say. What an amazing cause! Not just for the health benefits and putting down the bottle for a good cause. It is for the people who have fought and are fighting the bitter war against this bitter twisted disease.
I dont really have a story. I have lost relatives to cancer, like one relative who passed away this summer from throat cancer, he fought a long battle and without the help from charities like this, he wouldn’t of been able to spend precious moments with his family and friends, and have the strength to carry on for so long.
My Granny has fought and beat cancer twice, what an amazing woman huh? She has always pushed me and supported me no matter what, I love my Gran and I dont know what I would do without her. She was fighting it long before we did campaigns like this one and there weren’t donations and fundraisers on such a big scale. She is my rock and such an inspiration to me, she never gave up and currently she is sunning herself in Spain. Why not? So I am giving back… this is for her, to show that there is hope even when hope is probably the last word in your vocabulary.
I am not going to beg, plead and knock your doors down, but I CANNOT promise I wont be annoying on social networks sharing this link and maybe hinting and donations. I dont have a sad story, or a sob one, but more a restoration in hope, I have watched people struggling with losing their loved ones to this vicious disease we have named cancer, and I cant imagine what it would be like if they didnt have the support of charities like Macmillan.
for some people their fate is sealed and they cant fight a losing battle,maybe heaven is running out of angels? Macmillan help people live their lives to the full and show that such a little can go SUCH a long way…so DONATE!
So guys before I bore you anymore. Please donate a couple of pounds, most of you wouldnt even think before spending money on a takeaway or a bottle of wine tonight, so you can spare a few pounds/ euros/ dollars. Just think how good your KARMA is going to be.
Every penny counts, and every penny you donate gets us all one step closer to punching cancer in the face and making sure it never gets back up.

Thanks for reading this guys. Thanks for donating….


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