Is That A Gun????

Stretching out in my huge bed, my muscles groaned and ached with working out yesterday. Also carrying the copius bags of shopping i bought Ill bet. Then I felt it, my head….they had decided to roadworks on my brian. OUCH! 

I padded through to the kitchen to make a cup of head was a bit sore, after being out at Les Banquettes last night, where does Rose wine disappear to? I guess when you are in a nice atmosphere you dont realize that you are enjoying yourself quite that much, The security guards must of found it funny watching me swag in at 1am. 

D went off shore for a week on Monday, and I am not going to say it has been easy, before he used to leave me for months at a time, but that was in more western countries where you are not depending on anyone else but yourself. It has been difficult but also very good for my independence. I shall give you a little fact about Apple, did you know in the whole of West Africa there is not an Apple store? You know how I know this….? My brand new iPhone decided to have a software crash so I was now stuck in West Africa with no phone, no way of getting a hold of anyone and I panicked! So that’s by the by, I fixed my own iPhone by the way and it wasn’t easy…it was frustrating a lot of shouting at my computer and contemplation of throwing either myself or the phone off the balcony. But if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. On the otherhand I had a brilliant week I made a new friend who like me her husband works away alot. 

On Tuesday I went to this brilliant little coffee shop in the centre of Akwa, looking at it from outside you would not think anything of it, as the city centre of Akwa especially when it is rainy looks tired and old, the noise and the pollution of the bikes and cars pushing for rank in the ever growing traffic doesnt help the atmosphere, but TIA. I looked up at the tall skinny building squished on the corner of the busy street and turned my nose up. The security guard smiled and opened the door for us, the smell of freshly ground coffee and warm croissants filled the air of this little cafe as we took a seat on an old american style table, The menu had everything on it from Pizza to Chocolat Chaud and I was spoilt for choice. My taste buds where already guessing what I was having and my mouth was watering shamefully as I selected a Cafe Au Lait and a warm crossiant while my friend got English Tea with a Pain au Chocolat. If you closed your eyes it felt, sounded and smelt like you were in a cafe in the heart of Paris. The service was quick and put infront of me was three pots , one filled with perfect sized sugar cubes, another with steaming foamy milk and finally a a dark coffee that smelt divine. Our mugs had little napkin swans in them, all and all the presentation alone was amazing. We sat and talked away the afternoon sipping on our beverages while the sun was in a constant fight with the clouds to break through, ocassionally hitting our eyes through the skyline. This place sounds expensive right? You would think with the amazing portions we received and the service, it would be alot, this whole experience cost us 4 dollars…yes 4 dollars. Can you believe it. I had to double check the bill….

After an amazing Tuesday exploring, we wanted to go shopping and see what Akwa was really like in the day time, try to experience the hustle and bustle of day to day life in West Africa. I was invited round to lunch at my friends house I headed over there and sat down to the most wonderful Thai lunch anyone could ask for, it was amazing, im learning how to cook it next week so stay posted on how that goes. after filling our boots with chicken and soup and other Thai food we heading into Akwa to go shopping. On the way there was a huge flood and the skies opened, the only way I can describe the rain is as if someone was pouring a bucket of water over your head. The streets filed with muddy water making the traffic awful, as we drove, nearly engine deep in water I notice the homeless and street vendors on walls sleeping through the chaos as the water rose and covered the pavements and the streets. We reached higher ground and entered our first shop…MANGO…well guys you know what a shop looks like this was like any other, sales, clothes and the latest fashions waiting to be tried and bought. After exploring other shops like ZARA and PULL AND BEAR we called it a day and headed to Saga AFRICA, which apparently is the go place for anyone in Cameroon as EVERYONE knows it, its really pretty inside and out, Africa meets an urban coffee shop with gold trim lighting and comfy rad plush seats. Again the coffee was delicious…

We called our driver as it was 5pm and time had flown by, although I looked around and the whole place had changed suddenly the horns didnt sound like a warning, they were more angry and the streets had filled up with grumpy looking people pushing there way home, I didnt like the vibe and was thankful we were heading home, my driver turned to me when I got in the car and said after 5pm here  in Akwa You do NOT go here, I was like oh is it dangerous? He said yes VERY! He wasnt happy with me or my friend, but in fairness this is how you learn I guess. I was looking out the window when all of a sudden two men with guns were striding down the rode….wait was that actually a gun…? I havent ever seen a real gun before and right by the car were two big M16s… I was scared to ask, needless to say after 5pm I will not be visiting Akwa again and will maybe do some more research into where to go after 5pm. I like Bonapriso so I think thats where I will stay

Until later 





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